Our School

Holt VC Primary School is a small village school situated on the outskirts of Trowbridge. We have approximately 160 children who come mainly from the village and the surrounding areas. The school is unusual in that is has a joint foundation with both St. Katharine’s C. of E. and the United Reform Church in the village. Our school is characterised by its welcoming, caring, friendly and vibrant atmosphere. Learning at our school is innovative, enjoyable, creative and fun.


Opportunities are taken wherever possible to enrich the curriculum through art, music, sport and using the outdoor environment. We have dedicated very talented teachers and support staff work who together as a team to ensure the very best for every child. We have lovely grounds – an outdoor classroom,  garden, 2 playgrounds and a large field provide wonderful play and learning opportunities. We are fortunate enough to have a beautiful Forest Schools area on our site is which is well loved and well used by the children. As a school we have strong links with the community, including a yearly programme of work with the National Trust Courts Garden.

We aim to serve our community by providing an education of the highest quality to all our children within the context of Christian belief and practice. We aim to encourage an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith, and promote Christian values through the experiences we offer and the example we set to all the children within our care. Our school is one where:

  • There is a culture of inclusion, enabling the participation and involvement of all
  • There is an environment of opportunity engendering a sense of pride, ownership, responsibility and identity.
  • There are caring relationships where children and adults are valued as individuals
  • Diversity is celebrated and respected and we challenge stereotypes
  • We value open and effective communication and consultation
  • We value fairness, honesty and integrity
  • We believe practice can always be improved, and maintain an open dialogue about how children learn best
  • We value learning and development of pupils, staff and volunteers
  • We learn from each other, making every effort to disseminate goods ideas and practice
  • We continually reflect, evaluate and challenge our existing beliefs.