Holt School Association

Welcome to The Holt School Association TEAM.  This is your school association; all parents, carers, teachers and governors are automatically members of The HSA TEAM.

Our motto is TEAM because Together Everyone Achieves More

This is what we do:

  • Raise funds to provide resources and fun extras for our children
  • Run social events for children and their families
  • Give parents a chance to get involved in school life
  • Hold a bank of second-hand uniform (available to anyone, at any time)

Our organising team in consultation with staff, children and Mrs. Hodge decide how to spend funds.  In the past, funds have been spent on phonics books, outdoor climbing structures and computing equipment.

There are many different ways to help our TEAM.   You can join the organising committee (who meet in the pub every month), become a class rep or a TEAM volunteer. Sign up to our mailing list and look out for things you can do once or twice a year (e.g. running an event at the Christmas Fayre, helping out at your class cake sale etc).  You can always support HSA TEAM events by simply turning up!

About the Organising Team

We invite all parents and carers to get together for a school gathering in September at the beginning of each school year.  At this meeting we decide on a Chair and Treasurer as well as the class representatives.

The role of class reps are to:

  1. Draw up and maintain a list of contact details for all the parents in your class and circulate this to families
  2. Organise and run a yearly cake sale where all proceeds go directly to your class
  3. Come to the monthly HSA meeting and feed back comments and suggestions from other parents in your child’s class
  4. Help out with school events/fundraising and encourage other parents in your child’s class to get involved as well.
  5. Organise social events for parents such as coffee / drinks

Please come along to our events and look for other ways to support your HSA.  You can keep in touch and find out more in the following ways:

  • Watch out for events on our noticeboard (on the school wall)
  • Like our Facebook page (search for Holt School Association)
  • Email thoughts and suggestions to holtschoolassociation@gmail.com
  • Talk to your class rep about ways you can get involved