We aim to provide a well-designed, innovative curriculum that raises standards and ensures progress; ensures plenty of opportunity for creativity and physical activity; prepares our children for their future and, most importantly, excites and inspires our children and their teachers.

As a maintained school in England, we are legally required to follow the statutory national curriculum. Within the Reception Class the school follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework click the links below for more information.


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The National Curriculum

EYFS Framework

Our creative curriculum is planned through a two year rolling programme that ensures all areas of the national curriculum are covered but in a way that suits our school and our children. The programme is regularly adjusted to meet the needs of different classes, to coincide with special events and to make the most of our local area. As a church school, we provide many opportunities for reflection and spiritual and moral development.


Through curriculum enrichment we provide opportunities to:-

  • participate in high quality PE and sport
  • work with artists, authors and musicians to be inspired
  • visit areas of interest and deepen understanding of our heritage and the world around us
  • experience theatre productions and live performances
  • identify different jobs and possibilities through topics, visits and visitors; role models for success

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