At Holt VC Primary School, our curriculum is entwined with our school values where we aim to grow a love of learning and to ensure that each child is able to realise their full potential.

Our curriculum is carefully sequenced so that children’s knowledge and skills deepen over time. We encourage creativity and curiosity to progress children’s thinking, supporting their progression by giving them the skills and knowledge through enriching experiences. We aim to provide a rigorous, relevant and responsive curriculum that is bespoke to our school community – our Curriculum Tree focuses our thinking around curriculum design, driving the themes that are important to our school.

At Holt Primary, we believe that in order for our pupils to ‘Grow a Love of Learning’, it is essential that they ‘Grow a Love of Reading’.  We are proud of our love of reading ethos which is embedded within our curriculum and throughout the school; both reading for pleasure and reading for knowledge.

Learning is enquiry led, providing children with opportunities to learn in different ways and to develop key concepts. Our learners are encouraged to be resourceful and resilient and gain experience in working both independently and with their peers. The learning environment is one of collaboration and enquiry led learning supports children to become inquisitive, reflective thinkers, helping them make sense of the world around them.

We build in plenty of curriculum enrichment to ensure learning is extended and embedded. We are fortunate to have large grounds and make use of these with outdoor learning opportunities as well as our Forest School, both on-site and also working with The Courts National Trust. All children participate in high quality PE and sport; work with artists, authors and musicians; visit places of interest and deepen understanding of our heritage and the world around us; experience theatre productions and live performances; collaborate and compete with children in other schools; learn from and are inspired by members of our community and beyond. This builds our children’s cultural capital and exposes them to the diversity of the world beyond their village.

The impact of our curriculum is children leave Holt VC Primary School as academically and creatively successful, confident, highly articulate young citizens, with the skills, knowledge and resilience, ready to face an ever-changing world.

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Whole School Curriculum Map 2023 2024 v2

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