Foundation Stage

Our Early Years Team provide a stimulating, secure and happy environment which allows our youngest children to thrive and enjoy their learning following the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. Little Oaks children have a wonderful, well equipped large classroom with direct access to a secure, covered outside area.

The excellent work of our EYFS team has gained national recognition with the Bristol Standard award for high quality Early Years provision.


Key Stage 1

Children in KS1 enjoy a varied and exciting curriculum which is designed by their highly creative teachers to meet the needs of each individual cohort. There is a strong emphasis on practical, hands-on learning which includes plenty of opportunities to learn beyond the classroom. The two mixed age classes, Beech and Maple, benefit from the input of specialist teachers for French and singing.

From Foundation Stage and through KS1, the children access fully our Book Bands reading scheme. The Book Bands approach allows us to include books from a variety of different reading schemes alongside ‘real books’; the children benefit from a range of interesting reading materials and experiences. From Year 1, weekly guided reading sessions with a trained member of staff  further supports reading development with a specific focus on comprehension skills.

Daily phonics sessions, based on the Letters and Sounds programme, develops children’s spelling and reading skills in EYFS and KS1.  A variety of resources are used to make these sessions engaging and fun.


Key Stage 2

Key Stage 2 consists of three classes. A creative team of teachers and teaching assistants provide a varied, pacey and original curriculum which builds and embeds learning while supporting each child develop and achieve their potential. Children in Ash, Elm and Willow Classes enjoy French and singing lessons from specialist teachers.