Governing Body

The Governing Body of the school is comprised of the following of people who give their time, skills and expertise to voluntarily assist the head teacher and staff team in the running of the school:

  • Three Foundation Governors (representing Salisbury Anglican Diocese and United Reformed Church, Holt)
  • Two Staff Governors (the Head Teacher and one other Staff Governor elected by the staff)
  • Four Parent Governors (elected by parents/carers) 
  • One Local Authority Governor (nominated by the local authority and appointed by the Governing Body)
  • One Co-opted Governor (skills-based appointment by the Governing Body) 

The full Governing Body normally meets at least once a term (six times a year), as do the two committees:

  • Resources, covering finance, premises, grounds etc
  • Curriculum and Standards

Further information on the role of governors can be found by clicking on the “Terms of Reference” tab to the right of this page.  This includes:

  • The instrument of government 
  • Governor’s Code of Conduct 
  • Governors’ attendance record 
  • “Who’s who?” – Showing specific responsibilities of individual governors 

 Governors also produce periodic newsletters and these can be found by clicking on the tab to the right of this page.

The current Governors are:

Staff Governors

1. Jo Hodge – Headteacher 

2. Louise Blackman – Staff Governor 

Parent Governors

3. Steve Wisher-Davies – Chair of governors (2023/24)  

Current 4-year term started on 1 September 2023.  Declared business interests: None

My wife and I are fortunate enough to have 2 boys currently attending Holt school with a third a few years away from starting.  Since moving to the village 10 years ago I have been impressed with how the school has operated and how well it integrates into village life.  Since my children have started at the school, I have begun to appreciate how much the staff put into helping the children.  I have over 15 years’ experience as an Engineer working in the manufacturing and metrology industries.  I hope to be able to use some of the skills I have gained during this time to help the staff and the rest of the governing body to continue to keep up the good work that the school does.   

4. Simone Evans – Vice-chair of governors (2023/24)

Current 4-year term started on 1 October 2020. Declared business interests: None 

I have previously served as a Parent Governor for 4 years at North Bradley School in Trowbridge whilst my older 2 children attended. The end of my 4-year term coincided with these 2 children leaving. I currently have children in Reception and year 1 at Holt. During my term of office at North Bradley, I served on the Finance and Premises Committees so have a sound understanding of the governors’ responsibility towards budgeting and the review processes that are undertaken. Due to my project management background, I helped manage the process of building the school extension at North Bradley, which was necessary to allow the expansion from 6 to 7 classes. I currently work as a Gymnastics Coach in Frome, teaching a range of children from 4 to 19 over a variety of skill levels from recreational through to those on the Elite pathway.  Prior to this I worked as an Engineer and Project Manager across various industries including Automotive, Aerospace and Water.   

5. Martin Allsop Chair of resources committee (2023/24) 

Current 4-year term started on 1 September 2023. Declared business interests: Director / Owner of Marshwood Financial Services 

My wife and I have 3 children; 2 of whom currently attend the School, one in year 2 and the other in year 5.  Our eldest has just left the School after spending 7 happy and successful years here.  My wife and I both believe the School has provided a safe and secure environment for all our children and the staff have played their part, nurturing their love of learning. I was particularly impressed by the dedication and support the School’s hardworking teachers and Governing body both before and during my time as a member of the Governing Board.  I welcome the exciting opportunity I have been provided with, to become more involved with the School, to help maintain & where possible improve on the current fantastic work of all the staff. The work that the Governing body undertakes ensures that the School remains welcoming & nurturing for future generations; I look forward to being a part of that process. I currently run my own Financial Advisory firm based in Chippenham and have done so for more than 20 years.

6. Giles Lane – Member of resources committee (2023/24)

Current 4-year term started on 27 September 2023.

As a parent of a young child who is about to enter the world of primary education and as a resident of Holt for the past 3 years, Holt Primary School’s position as a central pillar of the community has become evident.   As a solicitor for a global technology enterprise, my role encompasses a wide range of transferrable skills which I wish to use for the benefit of the school. I wish to utilise my professional experiences to help the school develop initiatives which will help accomplish its educational vision, and continue to strengthen the school’s (already excellent) engagement with the local community. My goal is simple: collaborate with the school’s leadership team, fellow governors and other stakeholders to ensure its students develop a love of learning, while immersed in an environment each child has the opportunity to thrive in.

Foundation Governors

7. Professor Jeremy BradshawMember of resources committee (2023/24)

Appointed by St Katharine’s Church.  Current 4-year term started on 1 November 2022.

After a career of teaching and research in higher education, ending up a pro-vice-chancellor of the University of Bath, I took early (partial) retirement.  I now work as an independent consultant in education.  I have been part of the Holt community for the last five years, through worshipping at Saint Katharine’s Church.  I am a member of Saint Katharine’s PCC and also serve as its treasurer.

8. Yvonne BennettMember of curriculum and standards committee (2023/24)

Appointed by St Katharine’s Church.  Current 4-year term started on 1 November 2022.

I have lived in the village for almost 30 years and attend St Katharine’s Church, where I have been a member of the PCC for several years.  I have two grown up boys, one of them is employed as Children and Youth Worker at St Katharine’s.  By profession, I am a Trading Standards Officer and I recently retired early from the post I have held for 29 years, as Wiltshire Council’s Trading Standards and Animal Health Manager.  I hope the skills I have acquired in that role will be of some benefit to the governing body and I am very much looking forward to serving the school as a representative of St Katharine’s church.

9. Foundation Governor appointed by the United Reform Church (currently vacant)

Local Authority Governor

10.  Hannah Vaughan-Williams – Chair of curriculum and standards committee (2023/24)

Current 4-year term started on 1 January 2022. Declared business interests: None 

From our first visit to Holt Primary School, I instantly liked the vision, values and objectives of the school and the role the school plays within the community – so much so, that my husband and I have now moved into the village. I feel passionate about continuing to develop this ethos and helping to develop the school over the next few years.  

Our eldest daughter, Alma, attends the school and I have been impressed with the care she has received and the love of learning the school are building with her. My youngest will hopefully be joining her in a few years.  

Within my professional life I work as a doctor and feel that this provides me with many skills that I can bring to the Governing Body.  I am proud to work for the National Health Service and the challenges this poses. I hope to bring a different perspective to the governing body and know that this will be as equally challenging and rewarding as working in healthcare! I look forward to continuing to work with the governing body and engaging with staff, pupils and parents alike.

Co-opted Governor

11. Matt Hamblin

Current term started on 27 January 2024.

The Governing Body is always keen to receive feedback or questions.  You can do this by: