Learning Beyond The Classroom

At Holt, it is our aim for the school grounds and our local environment to be used as a context for learning across the curriculum. There is strong evidence that good quality learning outside the classroom adds much value to classroom learning. It can lead to a deeper understanding of the concepts that span traditional subject boundaries and which are frequently difficult to teach effectively using classroom methods alone. As we continue to develop a more creative, skills-based and enjoyable approach to the curriculum, the great outdoors offers us a multitude of opportunities for learning.

Educational visits and visitors to the school play a key part in enhancing our curriculum work. Year 5/6 children have the opportunity to participate in a residential visit lasting a week during term time.

There is a changing programme of after-school clubs each term which include a range of sporting, artistic, music, drama and dance as well as gardening, cookery, environmental and ICT clubs. The details of these are always sent out to parents in advance of a new term.