In line with the whole school approach, the overarching intent of Holt School’s Foundation Stage is to ‘grow a love of learning.’

With the understanding that all children in Little Oaks will be experiencing school for the first time, we take responsibility to ‘sow the seed’ and ‘lay the roots’ for a positive lifelong learning journey underpinned by an inclusive and nurturing ethos.

Our curriculum is designed so that children are safe and feel safe, build confidence to take risks, embrace new experiences and increase their learning and independence.

Embracing children’s talents and interests is central to our curriculum design. We personalise the teaching and learning to their needs on a daily, weekly and termly basis. This makes learning relevant and engaging to the children, inspiring them to meet their potential as unique learners.

We believe in the value of learning through play inside and outside of the classroom but our planning ensures that this is effectively partnered with high quality adult-led learning.

EYFS 2023-24 Prime Areas

EYFS 2023-24 Specific Areas