Holt VC Primary School

Creative Arts

We want children at Holt to be creative individuals and to experience a myriad of creative experiences. From acting to singing, art to music, our children are involved in a host of activities which allow them to develop new skills, express themselves and discover hidden talents.

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Dance Festival 2015

The whole school curriculum design identifies the specific contribution that the arts, craft and design makes to the pupils’ creative and cultural development, making use of local resources, art galleries and creative practitioners working in the locality.  High expectations are established throughout the school through inspirational and interactive displays, showcasing learning of the arts and other subjects through the medium of art.

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Take One Picture Exhibition 2014.

Opportunities to work in partnership with art professionals in a variety of ways are seized.

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Our school has regular visits from story tellers, dance coaches, specialists running arts/music workshops to support and enhance our curriculum alongside school trips to galleries, theatres and museums.  Our children have many opportunities to watch, take part in and contribute to dance, drama and musical events.

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Wire Sculpture Art  working collaboratively with other  schools.

The children make a strong start in art in our “Little Oaks” Early Years class.  They develop creativity and confidence through making marks as pre and early writing skills, with their teachers creating opportunities to work on visual art projects both in and outdoors.  Song and movement form a basis for learning along with imaginative role play areas.

A variety of after school art provision is programmed, with clubs in art and craft, music, dance and drama appearing throughout the year and across both key stages.

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Christmas Performances December 2014.